Premier Winches

The only four-star 9000L heavy duty winch on the market

Whether you’re out in the bush, or cruising on the beach you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve fitted a Premier 9000L Winch. Getting stuck happens to the best of us, and you can get yourself, and your mates out fast with this heavy duty, reliable and tough winch.


  • Genuine 4.6 horsepower unit – rated at the drum.
  • Solid steel tie rods for added strength.
  • Motor, gearbox and shaft are all supported by 5 sealed roller bearings, making a much stronger shaft.
  • Larger brake diameter and the location at the outer end of the drive shaft prevents excess heat build-up in the drum, enabling safe use of plasma rope.
  • Cable drum has thicker walls for added strength.
  • The gears are heat-treated, which is a tougher hardening process.
  • Fits most bull bars easily.
  • Hand controller is ergonomic and has a long 5m lead and protected rocker switch.
  • The rotating ring gear clutch has a steel, not weaker alloy, casing and is far less susceptible to jamming.
  • The clevis hook on the cable end has a spring loaded ‘keeper’ making it much safer than those without.
  • Cable-end anchor is located in the machined groove in the cable drum, retained by the allen-head grub screw
  • Cable plug munt screwed (not riveted) to solenoid. Longer motor to controller cables for better choice of controller location.

Why install a Premier Winch?

  • Heavy duty series wound motor gives high torque and fast line speed.
  • 3 stage planetary gearbox delivers the most reliable and durable performance even under worst conditions.
  • Patented automatic cone brake holds full load easily. The greater the load on the wire rope, the greater amount of brake force is applied by the mechanism.
  • Rotating ring gear free spool designed to pull and turn for rapid wire rope payout.


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